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Susan – Dental Hygienist

Susan graduated from Midland Technical College in Columbia, SC in 1968 as a proud member of South Carolina's FIRST graduating class of Dental Hygiene. Susan has been with our practice for over 30 years! Her goal for her patients is to achieve optimal oral hygiene as a stepping stone to good overall health and wellness.Susan has been married to Brooks for 44 years and has two children, Tres, Courtney and her son-in-law, Wright.

Meet Susan – Dental Hygienist
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Laura R. Dental Hygienist

Laura Reich graduated from NYC Community College with her degree in dental hygiene. She worked in NYC as well as Washington , DC before moving to NC (after she got married to her husband Barry). Laura started working for Matthews Periodontics before Dr. Green bought the practice in 2008. Laura and Barry have two grown children. Rachel, ever the adventurer, lives and works in Jackson Hole, Wyomng. Daniel is currently getting his PhD at the University of Utah and plans to be married next spring. Laura and Barry love to travel and most recently spent a week on Whidbey Island off the coast of Seattle, Washington. When she is not working at Matthews Periodontics Laura loves to read, volunteer and work out at the Siskey YMCA.

Meet Laura R. Dental Hygienist
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Camille Burich-Cardosa – Dental Hygienist

Hello. I am Camille. I graduated from Dental Hygiene school in South Carolina in 2007. The following year I became licensed in North Carolina and then in 2014, New York. I joined Dr. Green’s team in 2016 and I love it here. One of my favorite things about working here is the respect Dr. Green has for her employees and her patients. I come to work everyday knowing that my boss and co-workers care about each other and our patients. One of my favorite things about being a hygienist is that I can change a person’s life for the better.I was born in Brooklyn, New York and have lived in Charlotte since 2008. Just like Dr Green, I am a newlywed. I love to learn about new cultures and languages. My current language that I am trying to tackle is Portuguese. I enjoy traveling, painting, dancing and living life to the best of my ability!

Meet Camille Burich-Cardosa – Dental Hygienist