Published: 05/20/2019

Gum disease treatments, dental implants, and oral inflammation treatments are just a few of the things that a periodontist can do. If you’re still trying to find a periodontist in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Matthews Perio is the place for you. But what makes Matthews Perio the best periodontist in the Charlotte area? Below are some common questions our patients ask.

What types of services does Matthews Perio offer?
We offer bone grafting, gum grafting, osseous surgery, periodontal plastic surgery, sedation dentistry, and root planning just to name a few.

What should I expect during a visit to Matthews Perio?
During your first visit, we will complete a thorough examination which will include an overview of your medical history. If you do not have current dental x-rays, we may need to do x-rays during your visit.

Will I definitely need surgery?
Not every patient in our office needs surgery. Depending on your individual situation, we can determine which treatment will be best for you.

How much will treatments cost?
Dental insurance usually covers a portion of the treatment. Depending on your insurance plan and the treatments that you may need, we will assess how much your specific treatment will cost.

Do you have emergency care available?
We do offer emergency dental services! We can assist with most dental emergencies such as a toothache, chipped tooth or mouth pain and we will help you find the treatment that is right for you. We even accept most types of dental insurance and will work with you to find a payment plan that best suits you. Contact us immediately so we can see you in the office.

What are the hours and the location of Matthews Perio?
Matthews Perio is conveniently located in Matthews, North Carolina, at 428 N. Trade Street. We are open Monday-Thursday 8:00 am-4:00 pm and Fridays by appointment.

I am ready to schedule an appointment. Who do I contact?
If you are a new patient, contact the friendly staff of Matthews Perio today at (704) 815-5440 or here. Current patients can contact us at (704) 847-5657. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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