Bad Breath in Matthews, NC

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Self-Conscious About Bad Breath?

If you are not sticking to a diligent tooth brushing and flossing regimen, you may increase the risk of developing oral health issues such as bad breath or even gum disease. Many people develop bad breath when they have an underlying health problem that is left untreated. Dr. Green may need to work with other health professionals to restore your oral health.

Researchers estimate that over 80 million Americans suffer from chronic halitosis.


Effects of Gum Disease

One of the known causes of bad breath is periodontal disease. When you have an oral infection in the mouth, the bacteria can cause halitosis.

Other causes of halitosis include: yeast infections in the mouth, dry mouth, dental appliances that do not fit properly, and systemic illnesses.

  • Bad Breath from Food Choices

    Certain types of food can make it difficult to maintain fresh breath throughout the day, and the scent can linger long after the food is consumed. Eating foods that contain high amounts of garlic, for example, can cause breath problems. Fish, cheese, and spicy foods can also affect your breath. Make sure you are brushing and flossing regularly to help maintain fresh breath.

  • Bad Breath Because of Poor Oral Hygiene

    Many people have breath issues when they are not brushing or flossing their teeth regularly. Stick to a good routine and use an antibacterial mouthwash to kill oral bacteria.

  • Lifestyle Choices May Cause Breath Problems

    If you smoke or chew tobacco regularly, you may always have bad breath and find it difficult to mask. Keep in mind that tobacco use can also affect your taste buds, along with your overall health.

Factors that Cause Bad Breath

Many people develop bad breath when they neglect to take care of their oral hygiene. This problem can also be a sign of health issues such as gum disease. Some of the factors that may cause bad breath include:

  • Eating certain types of foods regularly
  • Neglecting to brush and floss properly
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Gum disease
  • Dry mouth
  • Certain types of chronic illnesses

Tips for Preventing Bad Breath

There are several things you can do to improve your oral hygiene and maintain fresh breath. These include:

  • Brushing at least twice a day
  • Flossing daily
  • Maintaining professional teeth cleanings
  • Refraining from using tobacco products
  • Maintaining a food log
  • Drinking a lot of water or chewing sugarless gum to stimulate saliva flow

During your visit, we can provide recommendations to help prevent bad breath. Schedule your appointment in Matthews, NC with Dr. Green today!