Dental Implant Cost in Matthews, NC

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Information About the Cost of Dental Implants in Matthews, NC

Factors that Affect Tooth Implant Cost

Dr. Kiya Green and our team work hard to ensure you get the care you need with affordable fees. Financing options may also be available to eligible patients. Factors that affect the cost of dental implants include:

  • Number of teeth involved
  • Degree of bone loss
  • Type of procedure you are having
  • Need for a sinus lift
  • Existence of periodontal disease
  • Need for extractions
178 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth

*According to the American College of Prosthodontists

Dental Implant Cost in Matthews, NC

The following factors can affect your tooth implant cost:

  • Number of teeth involvedIf you need several teeth replaced, your tooth implant cost will be higher than the average.
  • Degree of bone lossPatients with bone loss may need to undergo a bone grafting procedure, which will increase the cost of the treatment plan.
  • Type of tooth replacement procedureDifferent types of dental implants, such as implant supported dentures and single tooth implants, are priced accordingly. We can discuss tooth implant cost information during your consultation.
  • Sinus liftIf Dr. Green determines you need a sinus lift before receiving implants, your cost of treatment will be higher.
  • Periodontal diseaseThe success rate of dental implants will be higher when existing periodontal disease is treated before implant placement.
  • Need for extractionsAny teeth that need to be extracted prior to implant placement may increase the cost of treatment.

Why Do I Need to Replace Missing Teeth?

  • Prevent bone atrophy when a tooth falls out
  • Maintain a strong jaw
  • Prevent extra stress on remaining teeth
  • Reduce the risk of teeth shifting
  • Prevent additional tooth loss

We can provide more information about your tooth implant cost and treatment plan during your consultation with Dr. Green. Contact our office in Matthews, NC today!