Advanced Digital Technology for Your Health

Patient Benefits

  • Less exposure to radiation
  • Faster turn-around time
  • Shorter appointments
  • Involvement in co-diagnosis
  • Improved understanding of the treatment options

Digital X-rays

It is important to know that your doctor is keeping up with the constant and rapid advancements in modern dental technology. Digital x-rays are just one more advantage you will have at your disposal when you visit our office. Instead of using a conventional film, we use a special computer sensor which puts the x-ray picture directly into the computer and which allows us to reduce the amount of harmful radiation by nearly 90%. Since the pictures are in the computer, we can enhance the images to better diagnose conditions–often before they become problems. This proves to be much more convenient for you because the x-rays can then be displayed on the computer right in front of you!


Your safety is a top priority for us, which is why we also utilize the latest in computed tomography technology with the Cone Beam. The CBCT imaging system provides 3D, high definition x-rays in seconds with minimal radiation. With this, we are able to focus on limited sections of the mouth, eliminating the need to scan the entire head. In addition, with the CBCT device we can more accurately diagnose conditions, create more effective treatment plans and visualize parts of your mouth not seen with traditional x-rays.

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