Published: 04/18/2019

What is LANAP Surgery?

LANAP surgery is an FDA-approved treatment for gum disease. This laser surgery is focused on regaining tissue and bone lost in the mouth due to gum disease. LANAP targets the diseased tissue without harming the healthy tissue.

How is LANAP surgery different from osseous surgery?

LANAP surgery is intended to be less painful and have a shorter downtime compared to osseous surgery. This treatment is usually more successful than a conventional osseous surgery and has a quick recovery time.

What should I expect during LANAP surgery?

LANAP surgery can usually be completed in a couple visits, each lasting roughly 2 hours. One side of the mouth is treated during each visit to regenerate gum tissue and bone growth. In the first few days after each procedure, patients might experience mild soreness. Patients could potentially be given splints to wear after surgery to help stabilize the teeth. It is highly recommended that patients eat soft foods and do not brush or floss for 10 days after treatment.

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