Published: 04/26/2017

It is not uncommon for many visiting the dentist to hear of someone needing a deep cleaning. If a periodontist like Dr. Green has recommended that you receive such a treatment, do not take it as a sign that she is saying your dental care routine is not sufficient. It is literally impossible for one to clean all of the areas of his or her teeth through brushing and flossing alone. At some point, everyone is going to need a deep cleaning in order to address tartar and plaque buildup in certain areas of your teeth.

What’s Involved in a Deep Cleaning?

Even though you have likely heard the term “deep cleaning” several times, do you truly know what it means and what the procedure entails? Deep cleaning describes the process of scaling and root planing. Scaling involves removing tartar buildup from the surfaces of your teeth as well as the tissue pockets between your teeth and gums. Once initial scaling has been, then your dental care provider looks for buildup at the roots of your teeth. If he or she finds the tartar buildup, a scaling tool will then be used to address those areas, as well, halting the spread of bacteria and disease-causing pathogens in your mouth.

When Should You Have One?

If you are like most, then you likely will wait to schedule a cleaning appointment until your dentist or periodontist recommends that you have one. However, there are also other signs and symptoms that may indicate that cleaning is needed sooner than you might expect. These may include:

  • Severe inflammation of your gum tissue
  • X-rays indicating jaw bone loss
  • Dental probes descending more than 4 mm when introduced into your gum pockets

If it has been recommended that you have a deep cleaning to remove excess plaque and tartar, do not delay in seeking such treatment. Every day that that goes by where bacteria is allowed to continue to grow on your teeth gets you that much closer to developing gum disease and experiencing its many complications. Not to worry; if you live in or are visiting Matthews, NC contact Matthews Periodontics and schedule an appointment.

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