Published: 08/03/2017

Gum Disease Pockets & Gum Recession - Matthews, NC & Charlotte, NC
Gum disease is a common and preventable illness. Oral health professionals like Dr. Kiya Green recommend regular checkups and teeth cleanings. She is an expert in treating receding gums in Matthews, NC.

What Is Gum Disease Exactly?

This illness is caused by infections in the gum tissues surrounding your teeth. When too much plaque builds up, it traps harmful bacteria next to your gums. The tissues become inflamed and weakened. When this happens pockets form that collect the infectious debris. Normal brushing and flossing cannot remove contaminants once this has occurred.

Left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. As the gums become increasingly impacted, they recede from your teeth. Exposed teeth are more susceptible to cavities and damage. Your gums may heal on their own if the material is removed in time, but severely damaged tissues often require surgical procedures to correct.

How Periodontal Charting Works

At Mathews Periodontics in Matthews, NC, we use a technique known as periodontal charting to keep you healthy. A hygienist works with Dr. Green to keep records of your teeth and gum conditions. Measurements of the pockets in your gums are taken and recorded.

The process is simple. During your routine exam, a special gauge is used to test all critical points along your gum line. A small probe is inserted between the gums and the teeth and the depth is recorded.

  • Up to three millimeters – These are healthy normal gums.
  • Three to five millimeters – There is a strong potential for gum disease.
  • Five to seven millimeters – This indicates periodontitis and possible bone loss may occur.
  • Seven millimeters or more – Advanced surgical methods are necessary to correct the damage.

A history of your gum health helps our team at Matthews Periodontics to monitor your gum health over time. We can tell if your condition is improving or getting worse and Dr. Green will develop a plan to treat your condition.

If you think that you might have gum disease in Charlotte, NC, get into contact with our office right away. We can assess your situation and help you restore your oral health.

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