Published: 05/18/2020

After having laser gum surgery it’s important to take the right steps towards healing. Even though laser gum surgery results in little to no pain or discomfort, your gums will still need to heal. The amount of time it will take for your gums to heal is affected by how well you take care of them directly after laser gum surgery.

The First Week After Laser Gum Surgery

During the first week after laser gum surgery you should opt for a liquid diet or a soft diet. This can help you avoid chewing foods in the areas of the mouth where the laser has been used.

After laser gum surgery the gums will have tiny clots (scabs) over the areas treated by the laser. It is very important to the healing process that these tiny clots are not dislodged by any excessive or unnecessary amounts of chewing or larger pieces of food. By avoiding chewing foods and having a liquid or soft diet you can aid in the healing process and recover much more quickly.

It’s also important to continue daily toothbrushing, gently. You can brush your teeth by placing the bristles of the brush on the gums below the tooth and carefully rolling the bristles toward the tooth surface. Do not stick the bristles into the gums, this will be too harsh for the tiny clots and could cause them to become dislodged.

The Second Week After Laser Gum Surgery

During the second week after laser gum surgery it is ok to resume your normal diet. It is advised that you continue to be careful and avoid chewing in the area of your mouth where the laser gum surgery was preformed. You may also resume normal teeth brushing at this time, but it is still advised to be proceed carefully and gently.

The amount of time it takes to heal after laser gum surgery depends on the severity of the disease. Generally, healing in the surface area takes 2 to 4 weeks to completely heal.

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