Laser Gum Treatment in Matthews, NC

What is LANAP®?

The LANAP® laser protocol makes it possible to save loose teeth that may otherwise need to be extracted. If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, it is important to educate yourself about the different periodontal disease treatment options available and understand how laser gum surgery works.

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One out of every two American adults aged 30 and over has periodontal disease

*According to the American Academy of Periodontology

LANAP® Laser Gum Treatment in Matthews, NC

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, you must seek periodontal disease treatment from an experienced dental professional as soon as possible. Eradicating the infection from the mouth is a priority because the bacteria can break down the bone and eventually cause tooth loss. Here is what happens during the laser periodontal disease treatment process:

  • Measurement of pockets around the tooth
    The first step of laser treatment involves measuring the depths of the periodontal pockets. This provides an indication of how much loss of attachment may have occurred.
  • Removal of bacteria with the laser
    Dr. Green will pass a pulsed laser light over the diseased tissue to kill the bacteria. This laser does not harm healthy tissue.
  • Calculus (tartar) removal
    We will use small ultrasonic scalers to remove calculus deposits from underneath the gum line. The scalers help to break down the calculus for easy removal.
  • Clot formation
    Dr. Green will pass the laser over the treatment area a second time to stimulate the soft tissue and bone. The clot that forms over the area creates the ideal healing environment.
  • Gum tissue compression
    The gums are recompressed against the surfaces of the teeth and no stitches are necessary
  • Bite adjustment
    Dr. Green may need to adjust your bite to prevent any additional trauma to the mouth, especially in areas where significant bone loss has occurred.

Stages of the LANAP® Protocol

The steps of LANAP® laser treatment with Dr. Kiya Green include:

  • Measurement of pockets around the tooth
  • Removal of bacteria with the laser
  • Calculus removal
  • Creating a clot with the laser
  • Gum tissue compression
  • Bite adjustment

Benefits of LANAP

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