Published: 06/15/2018

If you’re currently living with tooth loss, dental implant placement may be the most reliable and beneficial tooth replacement option available to you. Dental implants have a renowned reputation for preserving jaw bone tissue, restoring dental function and improving aesthetic appearance. Dr. Kiya Green is a skilled periodontist who uses advanced technology, including CT scans, to deliver the most precise outcome possible when placing dental implants. Here are three benefits of precise implant placement.

  1. Reduced Discomfort

Dr. Green uses a CT scan to take images of each patient’s mouth prior to implant placement. The images are used to verify the location of various anatomical structures, including sinuses and nerves, before surgery even begins. Once Dr. Green identifies anatomical structures, she can avoid the patient’s nerves and sinuses when placing the implant. As a result, the patient is less likely to experience severe pain or discomfort after the procedure. The technology also makes it easier for Dr. Green to identify areas where jaw bone density is ideal so the implant can be placed strategically in the best location in the bone.

  1. Better Recovery

When computer-guided surgery is used to ensure precise implant placement, less trauma occurs to surrounding tissues and the patient is more likely to experience a minimally painful recovery. There is also a reduced likelihood of unexpected complications when technology is used to guide implant placement.

  1. Improved Appearance

Computer guided implant placement technology makes it possible to place dental implants with a degree of accuracy that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. The high level of accuracy precise implant placement offers yields an impressive aesthetic outcome and improved appearance.

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