Published: 12/18/2017

Implant Supported Dentures - Matthews, NC & Charlotte, NCWhether you are missing one tooth or several, you have many different choices to think about for tooth replacement. Besides traditional dentures or dental implants, there is another option that takes the benefits from both treatments and brings them together, implant supported dentures in Matthews, NC. Dr. Kiya Green has worked with patients all over the region and helped them replace missing teeth in Charlotte, NC with this method. It is time to take action and address the gaps in your mouth. Here are the benefits you could get with dentures supported by implants.

Secure and Comfortable

Implant supported dentures are a preferred treatment in the dental community due to their secure feeling in the mouth. With the help of the implanted piece in the jawbone, the dentures are securely placed in the mouth and are less likely to feel out of place. This way, patients feel comfortable and may not even notice their dental appliance.

Confident and Attractive

 Your confidence in your smile and the way you look instantly impacts your mood and daily routine. Having poorly fitting dentures sliding around your mouth would make anyone feel awful. With this type of denture, you can feel proud to show off your attractive smile and gorgeous teeth.

Improvement in Eating

 Some patients worry about eating their favorite foods with their dentures. Traditional dentures may make it difficult to chew certain types of foods, but dentures secured with an implant give you much fewer restrictions on your diet. Most patients can eat pretty much whatever they want.

Beneficial to Oral Health

Oral health is another consideration when thinking about dentures or implants. An implant can help encourage more bone growth in your jaw bone where you have experienced tooth loss. Over time, a missing tooth could lead to bone loss in the jaw and changes to your look.

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