Published: 03/01/2013

Get a new crown in just one day, thanks to the new technology from CEREC.

Occasionally tooth decay requires more than a filling; it requires a crown. Traditionally a patient needing a crown comes in for an initial visit, gets an impression taken of their teeth, and has a temporary crown placed on the needy tooth. Their tooth impression is sent to a dental lab and up to 2 weeks later a ceramic crown is ready and a second visit is required.

However, thanks to CEREC’s new technology, computer images are generated and a new crown created in a milling machine right in our dental office. We bake the porcelain crown in a small oven onsight and check to make sure it’s a perfect custom fit. The dentist can then cement the crown permanently. The new computer technology shortens the process of new crowns into just one visit, requiring only one numbing.

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