Published: 02/27/2017

Dental technology and procedures have come a long way, making more treatment options more possible than ever. Dr. Green and the rest of us here at Matthews Periodontics would like to take an opportunity to tell you about two innovative dental breakthroughs known as bone grafting and dental implants.

Bone Grafting

If infection, trauma or disease have worn away at the bones of your jaw or teeth, you might not be a good candidate for restorative options like dental implants. Thankfully, not all hope is lost. Dr. Green specializes in bone grafting in Matthews, NC, which is designed to strengthen your jaw to make it easier for the jawbone to support your implants and improve your overall oral health.

During your bone grafting procedure, if the patient prefers, we will utilize one of the several sedation dentistry options offered at our office in addition to applying local anesthetic that numbs the area being operated on. Then, incisions are made in the gums to access your chin bone, a sliver of which is used to strengthen your jawbone. You’ll receive pain medication after the procedure, and it will be anywhere from six to nine months before you receive implants.

Dental Implants

A dental implant restores the overall look, feel and functionality of your natural teeth. What’s so great about them compared to other dental replacement options is they’re a permanent option rather than a temporary one. You can smile, eat and laugh with confidence, which can’t always be said of a tooth replacement option like dentures. One of the essential things you should know about implants is they’re surgically fused to your jawbone, which is why they’re so much more dependable and stable when compared to dentures.

Ready to learn more about bone grafts and implants to get your smile as well as your confidence back? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Green or the rest of us at Matthews Periodontics in Matthews, NC with any questions or concerns you might have.

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